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Abhimanyu Acharya PhD, earned his doctorate in HRD from Cheshire University in the United Kingdom, after his stint as a popular and respected faculty at the Administrative Staff College of India. An alumnus of English Literature and Language from JNU, New Delhi and St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University, he has worked, previously and concurrently as the Chief Editor of The Hindu Opportunities, and the Khaleej Times UAE, and as the Director of the Jamnalal Bajaj Seva Trust. He has set up several schools and Colleges in India and abroad, and is among other things, the Advisor to the HH Sheikh Faisal bin Khalid Mohammed Al Qasimi Crown Prince of Sharjah UAE and continues to be the Founding Dean and Chief Academic Officer of the Royal University College, Sharjah, UAE.

A being with considerable interests, he rides, treks, conducts dramatic productions, lectures and drives overland and is a conservationist of repute, having at one point headed the activities of the World Wide Fund for Nature – India in South of India. His advice on the rehabilitation and care of wild animals continues to be sought by the Forest Departments of several States and the Central Government.

He has driven, at the age of 18, from Köln, in what was then West Germany, to New Delhi via Austria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Although accompanied by a friend, he was the only driver over the vast distance on roads that were, in parts of Iran, all of Afghanistan and Pakistan virtually non-existent in 1972.

He comes from a spiritually enlightened family, where children were encouraged to read the scriptures from an early age and question masters in the subject. His knowledge is considerably diverse, as he has a deep understanding of Indian, Far Eastern and Western philosophies and has spoken at several forums on matters related to ecumenical ideals and thought. His 14 years as the Director of the Vishwaneedam International Sarvodaya Centre at Bangalore gave him the opportunity to be in contact with spiritual leaders from across the world and exchange views with them.