• Do you often wonder about the meaning of life?
  • Why do you feel incomplete despite success and comforts?
  • Does spirituality mean moving away from worldly ambitions and pleasures?
  • What brings happiness and true contentment?
  • Is spirituality only for the aged?
  • Do you need a guru?
  • Can life be everlastingly joyful?

Who cannot relate to these ponderings of the mind? The fantastic, confusing and confounding alleys that it travels. We have all wondered among many things the meaning and purpose of life at least at some stage of our journey.

The human life appears, at a superficial level, a dreary, monotonous affair. Most spend the greatest part of their time working to live and what little freedom remains so fills them with fear that they seek out every means to be rid of it.

Perhaps the question of meaning is important for us humans because it would be reassuring to believe that something is saved from the wreck of time. The dream of immortality, in whatever form, is also a part of it that addresses this search for a transcendent meaning of life.

Inferring from all that we read and hear, there is a lingering feeling of not understanding the larger picture. Though the power of a strong-willed individual is admirable, there comes a point where it draws its line. Here is where collective wisdom can amplify the results.

There is no limit to learning if it does not matter who or what we learn from. Agreeing to one aspect of a philosophy may not necessarily mean that we subscribe to everything it preaches. Like everything else, there is a spiritual palate too. Much like choosing pearls from different oceans and making our own necklace.

Some might proclaim, arguably, that faith and religion are the opium of the people, a drug to dull the pain of everyday existence, while to others it is the very meaning of life itself. You might be tempted to say, if it is the ‘opium of the people’, they need to up the dose.

With this thinking as a backdrop, in this space of consciousness, encompassing all that is, all that has been and all that ever will be, we would like to create a springboard for learning and awakening, which is engaging and enriching. This forum that will be by invitation only, will have distinguished spiritual personalities and profound thinkers from the myriad rich streams, visiting and shedding light on this quest, every month.

Four friends, entrepreneurs and professionals who were treading the same path individually, in due course found a common thread amongst each other and turned seekers. Their friendship metamorphosised into companionship on a journey to discover the life’s spiritual truths without barriers and rigid formats, to form a pool of spritual knowledge. They now have enthusiatically opened their minds and hearts to the idea of continuing the journey with other like minded people , to listen, learn and share , so the tribe of seekers can grow.

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